5 simple pregnancy feng shui tips for better health

Pregnancy is a very exciting time for an expecting mummy as she prepares for the new addition to her family. It is also the time of great changes in your diet and lifestyle, but so often the home is overlooked as the safe haven it should be. Your home should be the place where you can recharge from the stresses of life, a place to improve your health and your state of mind.

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Practising feng shui for health in your home can offer just that. By applying simple basic techniques found in this age old practise, you can improve the overall energy of your surroundings, and better energy leads to lower stress levels. As you know, stress is the one of the biggest contributing culprits in health issues. No matter if you are feeling slightly out of sorts, or need a complete lifestyle overhaul, feng shui for health can help you bring your life back into balance. It operates on the principle that when your personal space is calm, you can calm down inwardly to listen to the guidance from your soul – something we desperately need in these rushed times.

The practical application of feng shui for health is simple and logical, if you start with the basics. If you are already a feng shui fundi, chances are you already now how to wield it. This article will only focus on the foundations from which you can later build more in depth and advanced feng shui practices.

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