New fertility app promises to help you conceive

Max Levchin clearly enjoys dabbling in a variety of projects — the co-founder of Paypal is also one of Yahoo!’s directors and the Chairman of Yelp, amongst other things.

His decision to develop a fertility app, Glow, for women is only the latest venture in his string of thought-out ideas. And it’s an impressive one, considering Levchin has already secured $6 million in funding from Founders Fund, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and a cluster of other investors for his latest project with former Google executive and Glow CEO, Mike Huang.

What is Glow First?

It’s also a great idea: the new app complements a nonprofit programme, Glow First, also set up by the duo with the purpose of helping women who are unable to conceive naturally. How does it work?

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Women who are planning or intending to start a family have the option of signing up for the Glow First programme, in which they pay a monthly fee of US$50 (S$64) over ten months. This money goes into a pool, along with other women’s money, and is exactly how Levchin and Huang intend to fund couples with infertility issues if they find they can’t conceive naturally within ten months – a share of the money entered into the pool during the couple’s first month of trying will be given to them to pay for fertility treatment.

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The Glow fertility app tracks health-related signals on a daily basis and is highly intimate, gathering information on the sexual positions you and your partner use while trying to conceive, your menstrual cycles, mood and diet.

“The more data is entered, the more helpful it becomes,” Huang explains to TechCrunch in a Glow app demo video. “It takes your data, and also anonymous data [from other users], and the app learns over time and becomes more and more accurate.”

Sharing is caring

In essence, the more you share, the greater the accuracy of the app’s analysis. So potential problems like endomentriosis can be detected early, saving you a great deal of money and time, as well as subtly encouraging you to look after your health. Women’s partners will also have easy access to Glow, allowing them the chance to be more involved in the process.

For example, the app could cleverly remind a woman to wear especially nice underwear on a particularly fertile day, while her partner might receive a reminder to book a hotel the same night.

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