Health & happiness with prenatal yoga

The benefits of prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is not unlike conventional yoga practice. The poses are tailored to suit the body of a pregnant woman and to ensure they do not put strain on your bump. The routines are structured to help you reap the benefits of yoga, while preparing you for an easier pregnancy and delivery.

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Breathing techniques maximise oxygen intake, which can useful when feeling breathless due to your growing baby bump.
  • Learning to control your breathing can help during labour and delivery for relaxation and pain management.
  • Increase your flexibility and strength of the muscles involved in labour and childbirth, namely the lower back and the pelvic floor muscles.
  • The poses in yoga which focus on strengthening the lower back muscles help to relieve achy backs. These poses will improve your posture to reduce back pain in the future too.
  • Yoga meditation techniques are useful throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Knowing how to maintain a peaceful mind and healthy mental state will help you to better deal with the stress of everyday life. Many new mothers will agree, that this  definitely doesn’t end with delivering the baby!

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Before you practice prenatal yoga

Pregnant women who wish to take up prenatal yoga should consult with their physician first before starting classes. Every pregnancy is different and so is every pregnant woman’s level of health. Some tips to keep in mind before starting prenatal yoga:

  • Experts advise pregnant women to go for prenatal yoga classes or to learn from certified instructors instead of doing it at home to prevent the occurrence of injuries.
  • It’s very important to drink enough fluid before, after, and if needed, while doing yoga to replace the fluid that is lost through sweat.
  • Pregnant women are also advised not to overstretch the limits that their body can handle and not to overexert themselves. As with any other exercise routines during pregnancy, prenatal yoga is beneficial and fun — but only if done safely and with caution!
prenatal yoga

Practicing prenatal safely can be very beneficial for you during pregnancy

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