First outing with baby: dos and don’ts

Planning your first outing with baby can be very exciting. But new mothers worry how long they have to wait before taking baby for a stroll. While going outside with a newborn is recommended, there is a waiting period and precautions that must be taken.

When should I plan my first outing with baby?

There is nothing written in stone about your baby’s first outing. It depends on many factors, including the mother’s state of health. Some women may take much longer to recuperate, especially after a C-section or if there were other complications. It’s best to only plan your first outing with baby when you feel up for it physically. Carrying the baby outside and taking care of its needs can be challenging in the first few weeks. If you need more time or if you’re feeling unwell, you can ask dad to take baby outside.

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Generally, paediatricians recommend keeping baby inside the house for at least one or two weeks. This will give your newborn time to strengthen his immunity. Newborns have some inherited immunity from their parents, but their immune systems are still developing. Exposing the baby to germs in public is usually not a good idea. Also, a premature baby will definitely need to stay indoors for a longer period of time.

Where can we go for the first outing with baby?

Try to avoid crowded places such as the malls or supermarkets during your baby’s first month. It is best to plan a walk in the park or on the beach if the weather permits. Fresh air is definitely great for baby, and getting a bit of sun won’t hurt either. However, try to keep the walks to one or two hours tops.

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It is best take baby to places where you feel most comfortable. If you know that baby won’t be too fussy, you can even go for a drive or for a picnic. However, make sure you have some extra help in this case, either from your partner or a grandparent. A drive is not recommended if you still feel discomfort after an episiotomy or if you’ve a had a C-section.

What do you need for first outing with baby

When you go on your first outing with baby, you will need certain things, even for short walks. Baby could become hungry or need a diaper change while you’re out.

  • Baby carrier or stroller for newborns. 
  • A diaper bag with everything you need for changing baby, including a plastic bag for dirty diapers and so on.
  • A milk bottle if baby is bottle-fed, otherwise you might want to buy a nursing top to make breastfeeding easier.
  • Cover the baby’s head when going out. Also, avoid overdressing the baby, especially when it’s very hot outside.
  • Ask someone to accompany you if possible.

Some people may want to touch your baby once you go out. Try to keep that to a minimum by politely declining. Remember, it is better to be safe than worry about hurting a stranger’s feelings.

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