Q&A: Will my flat nipples affect breastfeeding?

Every woman’s body is built differently, and other than being too skinny or too heavy (medically speaking, of course), there is no “perfect body” to have a baby. Of course it’s natural for women to question, what they assume to be, abnormalities on their bodies and whether they will affect having and caring for a baby. Here we answer one woman’s question about whether flat nipples affect breastfeeding.

Question: My nipples don’t point out like other women’s. I’m concerned — will my flat nipples will affect breastfeeding for me after my baby is born?

Answer: Don’t worry about the shape and size of your nipples. While most women have nipples that protrude out, there are some who have flat nipples or inverted nipples. Having  inverted or flat nipple should not affect breastfeeding. Your baby won’t just be suckling on your nipples, but also the entire areola. However, it might be a good idea to spend some time with a lactation consultant to determine if the baby is latching properly.

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