Full-time dad: Can you be Mr Mum?

That due date draws closer, and with every day that passes, you get that little bit closer to becoming the dad you’ve waited so long to be. There are big decisions to be made, daddy duties are no longer reserved for assembling the cot and weather proofing the buggy, oh no. Those days are long gone.

You face a much more challenging role. Will you go back to work or is it time to throw in the 9-to-5 routine and become the stay-at-home dad you’ve craved to be? Are you up to the constant nappy changing, 2am feeding shifts, listening to Nepalese mountain music to send your young one off to sleep? Not to mention, the checkups, coffee mornings and playdates. Here’s a simple guide to help you adjust to being Mr Mum.

Don't call me Mr. Mom

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Your friends will give you total respect for doing it but that won't stop them teasing you, just a little, for being a stay-at-home dad.

Take these in your stride, having a baby is the greatest thing in the world, so simply turn round and prove them all wrong. They'll only be jealous anyway.

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