Chinese fortunetellers predict royal baby’s future

It seems like the whole world is fixated on the new prince—even feng shui masters in Asia. So what is in store for royal baby, George Alexander Louis, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge? Prince George, opened his eyes to the world on Monday 22 July at 4.24 pm (1524GMT) in the sixth month of the Chinese Year of the Snake. Fortunetellers have this little one’s future all mapped out already.

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Romance for Prince George

Hong Kong-based fortuneteller Mak Ling-ling revealed to AFP, “It’s likely he [Prince George] will have to go overseas, perhaps representing the army or going to a boarding school. He will also find romantic relationships overseas. His marriage will arrive between 30 and 35 years of age.”

Another practitioner of feng shui in Hong Kong, Au Chung-tak, opined that Prince George should dwell close to trees so that his strong appeal to the opposite sex can be counteracted. Au added: “If he wants to be stable [in marriage] he must not live close to water. Instead, he should live by the trees.”

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Will Prince George be a good leader?

Based on feng shui beliefs, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s bundle of joy as “earth” characteristics that are strong so Prince George is likely to be determined and headstrong. These are great characteristics for a future leader.

Mak said: “He is stubborn because he has a high sense of responsibility. He will always try to achieve his goals with great endurance.”

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More babies for Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Looking into the royal baby’s ‘Bazi’, which is believed to determine fate based on Chinese Astrology, it is said that he is likely to have siblings. Au shared: “He is an introvert thinker and is quite a reserved person. He will achieve harmony with his siblings.”

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