Getting the kid’s playtime organised!

What you should do when the kids get bored?

Parks and shopping malls may seem interesting at the start. However, kids are bound to get bored and restless after a while. This will the time when I need some handy play material to keep them happy (and distracted).

Other than letting them tap away on one of the many iPad games, one of the simplest toys that I can think of is the wooden blocks. As it so happens, one of the fondest memories I have as a young child was playing with a set of wooden blocks my mum bought for me. I’d spend hours building towns and bridges, and thinking up stories while playing with those blocks.

toys for kids

Classic and cool toys for kids: Skip Hop alphabet puzzle and blocks set

So, when I came across Skip Hop’s wooden blocks and puzzle, I knew my kids would love them as much as I did! As part of the Alphabet Zoo series, the puzzle and wooden blocks sets are perfect for kids who are learning their ABCs.

cool toys for kids

Cool toys for kids – Skip Hop Match & Play puzzles are engaging for young minds.

This 10-piece set teaches little ones to match shapes, letters and pictures with colourful chunky puzzles. The pieces of puzzles can also be used as blocks without the puzzle board.

But the thing I like the most about the puzzle is the thoughtful little details of animal prints, which act as clues when kids are trying to put the right pieces together. The little knobs on some of the pieces also make it really easy for tiny hands to handle.

ABC House Blocks

cool toys for kids

Looking for some cool toys for kids? See how my kids love stacking houses and towns with Skip Hop ABC blocks.

My kids had a great time playing with the house blocks set. They’d build ‘houses’ and ‘towns’ (just like their mum!), and had a ball balancing the tower of alphabet blocks. My little boy also loved ‘making music’ by knocking the blocks together, while his sister decided that her new toy doubles up as a cool bangle.

But here’s the best thing about these blocks and puzzle sets:

Cool toys for kids

Skip Hop puzzle set can be hung with the Grab & Go’s velcro straps.

The easy-carry re-usable boxes that these sets come in makes it so easy for me to bring them along as entertainment when I’m out with the kids! Notice how I’ve strung the handle of the box onto the stroller by using the Velcro attachment of the Grab & Go.

Handy accessories like these have helped my life be a little more organised. Now so will yours!

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