Will I ever be able to regain my slim figure after delivering my baby?

The idea that you might not get your pre-pregnancy body back is enough to make any mum throw her toys. The bombardment of photos of celebrity mums who seemingly lost their baby weight at birth will really grind at your already fragile self-esteem.

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During your pregnancy, you are most comfortable in your “mummy pants” and drawstring skirts, and it is very easy to keep up this routine after the baby is born. But what happens to life after birth? At some point, every new mum will have to face up to her new body — and whether her figure will ever be the same again.

Will you ever get your body back to the way it was before your baby? Yes, it is entirely possible, but it will not happen overnight, and the weight won’t just miraculously melt away by itself. Remember, celebrities have access to personal trainers, in-house dieticians and personal chefs, while us mere mortals have to make do with the little time and resources available.

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Be realistic

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