Will I ever be able to regain my slim figure after delivering my baby?

  • Patience and perseverance is key when it comes to shedding the extra baby weight. It took nine months for your body to pick up weight, so it will take time before you get back to your “old” shape.
  • You will still look pregnant after the birth. Along with the rest of your body, your uterus expanded quite a bit over the last nine months, and it will take about four weeks to return to normal. Don’t forget about fluid retention, which will gradually dissipate through your urine and sweat. To encourage your uterus to contract, massage the area often.
  • Don’t rush it. It took quite a bit out of your body to deliver your baby, so be gentle with yourself and allow some recovery time.

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  • It actually takes hard work to get your body back, so a little effort is required on your part. The extra weight won’t take care of itself while you’re sitting on the couch, and no amount of “weight loss drugs” will take care of it. The only really effective way to lose weight is to eat sensibly and exercise regularly.
  • Realize that every woman’s body is different and responds differently. Yes, a few lucky ones do snap back almost immediately after birth, while other mummies will struggle for months to shed a few extra kilos. Others find that the physical demands of raising a baby will leave them even skinnier than before. This is unfortunately all down to genetics, so do not measure your progress against anyone else. Work at it at your own pace to reap the benefits.

This might be a bitter pill to swallow, but some mums have to accept that the shape of your body has changed for good. You can lose the baby weight and tone up, but you might find your hips slightly larger than before, and your bottom slightly rounder. Instead of hiding it, be proud of your new softer shape. You worked hard to earn it.

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