Getting pregnant after taking birth control pills

Birth control pills are a common form of contraception used in today’s society, but usually only until a couple decides it’s time to conceive. Many women are anxious about getting pregnant after taking birth control pills, and consider any questions. Will it take a long time to conceive? Is it safe? Should you try to conceive right away, or should you wait? The answer is not always the same. Different doctors or fertility experts will give different answers.

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Getting off the pill

Most birth control pills contain synthetic hormones or other substances that prevent ovulation. These substances can be eliminated from your blood stream within days of stopping birth control pills. However, the effects of the pills on your body may not go away that fast. It all depends on how long you were on birth control. The longer you take the pill, the longer the effects will linger in your system.

Most doctors recommend waiting about three to six months getting pregnant. This will ensure that your hormones return to normal, which is important for a healthy pregnancy. The good news is that about 80% of women on the pill can get pregnant within the first year of trying.

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Chances of getting pregnant after taking birth control pills

Studies performed on women that took birth control pills reveal that there’s not much difference in the rates of conception compared to other women. However, the studies did not track whether these pregnancies were healthy until the due date.

Also, there are other contradictory studies that show a link between infertility and birth control pills. The bottom line is that there is a definite possibility of getting within the first month of stopping birth control, but in order to minimize any pregnancy risks, waiting at least three to six months is best.

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Ensuring a healthy pregnancy after the pill

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