Chinese Ghost Month pregnancy taboos

The 7th lunar month (aka the Ghost Month) is approaching in about two weeks’ time, and the 15th day marks the Hungry Ghost Festival [中元节].

Legend has it that there is a gateway between the realms of the living and the dead. During the 7th lunar month, spirits from the netherworld will be freed to roam on Earth. And we will often see people praying at void decks with food offerings and joss paper to the wandering souls.

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Till now, there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of these “invisible spirits”. Even so, it is best to take note of the taboos during this month to keep unnecessary troubles away.

Here’s a list of 7th month (Ghost Month) taboos! (from the perspective of feng shui and Chinese culture)

Ghost Month taboo #1: Stay away from Ghost Festival celebrations

It is said that the spirits are in high gear on the 15th day, creating immense yin energy. Hence, newborn babies and pregnant women are advised to avoid all forms of Ghost Festival celebrations on that day, particularly those born in the Year of the Ox.* Evening strolls and outdoor activities at night are not recommended too.

In the event whereby the pregnant woman has to pass by places where related rituals are performed, it is suggested that she touch the belly and talk to her little baby, so as to make him/her feel secure.

*The 15th day falls on 21st August 2013 and this day is in conflict with the Ox zodiac sign.

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Ghost Month taboo #2: Avoid attending wakes and funerals

Wakes, funerals and cemeteries are considered places with a lot of yin energy, which is bad for babies and pregnant women. Thus, these places are to be avoided during the Ghost Month.

Ghost Month taboo #3: Keep the wind chime away

In the study of feng shui, wind chimes may attract spirits and geomancers would usually discourage their clients from hanging wind chimes at home. To prevent the spirits from “visiting”, pregnant women should avoid hanging wind chimes in their room. The same goes for the newborn babies.

Ghost Month taboo #4: Shun all water activities

Avoid swimming, taking boats or walking near bodies of water (ponds, rivers, beaches etc.) as it is believed that spirits thrive in these areas. Curb the desire for swimming till the 7th month is over.

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That’s all for the taboos! Even if you do not believe in ghosts and spirits, it is best to play safe and keep the taboos in mind for a smooth-sailing 7th month.

Lastly, do note that the Ghost Month begins on 7th August and ends on 4th September for year 2013.

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