Ginger juice with milk custard recipe

Wondering about which is the best food for pregnancy? Well, this custard recipe works especially well for mums in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when fetal bone development is at its most crucial point.

Milk is rich in proteins, vitamin D and calcium, and the latter works by supporting the formation of your baby’s teeth and bones – as well as stabilizing your blood pressure and easing muscle cramps you may be experiencing, particularly in your calves. The ginger juice works to neutralize your stomach and ease nausea.

We love how quick and simple this recipe is. The best part is, it only calls for three ingredients and is chock full of benefits for you and your growing little one!

This ginger juice with milk custard recipe is lightly adapted from Before, During & After Pregnancy, by Chung-man Mak

Custard recipe ingredients

  • 200ml milk
  • 10ml ginger juice
  • 25g white sugar

Custard recipe: Preparation
Place all ingredients in a pot. Leave to simmer on medium heat, or until the mixture begins to bubble. Leave for awhile until set, then serve your ginger juice with milk custard warm.

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