Gotta go! Frequent urination during pregnancy

Why is it that it seems like every time you turn around now, you are looking to see where the restroom is? Frequent urination during pregnancy can be extremely annoying — but unfortunately also very common when you’re expecting. Find out why it’s happening and how to deal with it.

Frequent urination during pregnancy

Frequent urination is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy that all pregnant women experience. When you become pregnant your hormones get thrown all out of place. When these hormones decide to go spastic, it causes your blood flow to increase, which in turn will cause more fluids to be released into your kidneys. All this basically means is that your kidneys fill up faster and more frequently than usual, causing you to want to go all the time!

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Do all pregnant women deal with frequent urination?

Absolutely. Do not ever think that you are the only woman going through this problem. This happens to all pregnant woman regardless of their age, ethnicity and size. Unfortunately, there are some pregnancy issues that every woman deals with. So, do not feel embarrassed when you have to scan where everywhere you go to make sure that you know exactly where the restrooms are — you are definitely not alone!

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How to deal with frequent urination better

The frequent urination urge will tend to ease up in some trimesters. For many women, once they get into their second trimester, much of urgency to urinate is caused from the baby positioning themselves on top of your bladder. Your baby will make sure that you know they are there. Here are a few tips on how to deal with that pesky urge and all your trips to the restroom

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  1. Lean forward when you use the restroom, this will help to empty your bladder more completely. That way you will have a little more time in between bathroom visits
  2. Avoid things with caffeine in them. Caffeine is a diuretic and cause your body to increase the release of fluid.
  3. Under no circumstances should you try to drink less fluids in an attempt to decrease the bathroom visits. First it will not work, your body is building up extra fluids while you are pregnant, so no matter what you will still need to find the bathroom more often. Secondly the decrease in fluids will cause you to dehydrate and could cause a urinary tract infection or place you in the hospital.


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