Handling an unsupportive husband when pregnant

  • Look after your own needs

Yes, having an unsupportive husband in your time of need will bring you down, but don’t look at him for ALL your needs. A little self-love can go a long way, and if you give yourself what you need, your husband might just find inspiration from you.

  • Talk about your fears

Communication is key to situations like this. Like you, your husband is also fearful of what is to come. A baby will change your life forever, and at times, he might wonder where he fits into that plan. Before you think that have an unsupportive husband, consider that he might be feeling alone and shut out.

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  • Spice up your sex life

It is time to put your hormones to good use (as long as you do not have a high risk pregnancy) Chances are that you are feeling particularly frisky towards the second trimester. Both of you need intimacy to feel loved and cherished.

  • Make a date night

It is far too easy to get caught up in the stresses that pregnancy brings, and preparing for the birth of your baby can be all-encompassing. Ask your hubby to set time out of his schedule just for you, and have a weekly or monthly date night where you agree to do nothing but spend time together.

That said, your husband should do his bit to meet you half way, and throw his hands up in exasperation. If you really do suspect that you have an unsupported husband, it might be time to call in professional help, because chances are that the problem won’t sort itself out once your baby arrives.

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