Is it ok to eat hawker food as part of your pregnancy diet?

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is to cook dinner and your husband is terrible in the kitchen. So you usually end up eating at the hawker center or food court, or getting takeout from the neighbourhood kopitiam. The only thing is: Is it really healthy for your body during pregnancy? We take a closer look at eating out as part of a pregnancy diet.

What a healthy pregnancy diet looks like

When you are pregnant, you should be eating a varied diet to be getting the most nutrients possible. Fruit and vegetables come in at the top, and you should be getting at least three servings of each a day. Ideally, you should also be eating freshly cooked, less processed food that is low on preservatives, additives and chemicals. Many pregnant women also take to eating organic products to avoid consuming pesticide.

The question is: Can you maintain a balanced diet from eating out?

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What to know about hawker food

Everyone knows that we should eat hawker food in moderation with a healthy diet. Most of Singapore’s delicious hawker food are freshly prepared, which is good, but unfortunately they are cooked with a lot of grease and fats, high MSG and sugar. If they’re not healthy as part of a regular diet, they will not be great for a pregnancy diet either, especially if you need to watch your blood pressure or blood sugar levels.

That said, there’s no evidence that anything in hawker food can harm your baby. MSG is often mentioned but there’s nothing to link it with any pregnancy or infant problems. Nevertheless, you should cut down on the preservatives and additives as part of your pregnancy diet, so your baby gets the best and purest nutrition possible.

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