The facts about hidden toxins in a pregnancy diet

All the advice going around about what you should and should not eat during your pregnancy is enough to confuse anyone. Why are some foods considered off limits when you are pregnant, but perfectly fine when you are not? Simply put, as your body changes, so does your immune system, which makes you more vulnerable to diseases, illnesses and ailments. And in some cases, what you think is good for you, may not be good for your baby.

This is why a healthy pregnancy diet is so important. You know this already – but are you aware of the hidden toxins in foods which are lurking in your seemingly balanced diet? Unlike alcohol and nicotine, which comes with clearly marked warning labels, your favourite foodstuffs do not. What you would generally assume as safe might have effects on your baby’s development. These effects can only become apparent in later life, and may not be present at birth.

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We all consume hidden toxins in foods on a daily basis, but when you are an expecting mummy, you need to be extra careful about what you put into your body.

The toxins which pose a potential risk to baby are called teratogens. A unique study was recently completed in California where experts have concluded the dangers of hidden toxins in your diet. The danger lies in the fact that these foods are not unhealthy under normal circumstances, but can have a detrimental effect on your little one.

Hidden toxins in foods – what to avoid?

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