What to expect from the highs and lows of pregnancy

Every woman will go through a very unique nine-months, but there are some things that everyone will experience. The highs and lows of pregnancy, and there will be many.

Looking back, some will say they hated being pregnant, others will remember a very spiritual journey, and the rest of us will just enjoy each day as it comes – the ups and the downs. We’ll all get through it and end with just as much love for our baby as the next, and with no regrets.

So, if you’re still wondering what you might come up against, or what you can look forward to over the next nine months, here’s a guide to some of the highs and lows of pregnancy.

The highs and lows of pregnancy – 7 highlights

  • Pregnancy glow

This is by far one of the best bits. By the time you reach week 20, not only will your skin look fresh, dewy and flawless, you’ll have full and luscious locks to go with it. You will probably look the best you have for a long time and you’ll get to keep your glamorous complexion for at least 5 or 6 weeks.

  • Feeling baby kick and move inside you

One that you’ll find hard to beat is the moment you literally feel the life growing inside you. It’ll happen when you least expect it – during an important call at work or while you are sat on the loo! It changes you forever. The connection is almost indescribable and it’s something you own, personally with your baby. It’s breathtaking.

  • The 2nd trimester

Yep. The whole thing – you’ll feel great, look sexy and you’ll dress that bump to impress. You will be able to have fun with your fashion, go out, lie in and be looked after. There will be no more sickness, less tiredness and you’ll want to be intimate with your partner again. Plus, you’ll probably enjoy sex more than ever!

  • Getting away with pretty much anything

That’s right. When you’re pregnant, it’s an excuse for, well, anything. Not that we intend to abuse this…much. But, you are growing a life inside you, right? Enough said.

  • Spending and not feeling guilty, ever!

It’s true, you and your partner will most likely enjoy a day out shopping together. It’s all new and exciting! Baby clothes, accessories, toys, maternity clothes, bras, car seats, high chairs… it’s a never ending list. Your hubby may enjoy this part more than you, as it’s his time to really get involved.

  • Feeling special

You will be made to feel special, not only from your hubby, mother and friends but even the general public! Friendly passers by will give you a smile, doors will be held open and you won’t know the meaning of the word queue.

  • The finale

The last high has to be the rush of meeting your little one at the end of your pregnancy. Holding their tiny frame in your arms and kissing their forehead and knowing that everything you have been through, ever, was all worth it for that one special moment.

The not so many lows of pregnancy

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