What to know about home pregnancy test kit accuracy?

Could a positive result be wrong?

Although rare, it’s possible to get a positive result from a home pregnancy test kit when you’re not actually pregnant. This may happen if you have traces of blood or protein in your urine. Various prescription drugs also can cause a such a result. Using an expired or damaged test kit may have the same effect.

Could a negative result be wrong?

A negative result shortly after your missed period doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not pregnant. You may have got a negative result because of one of the following:

  • You took the the test too early.
  • You didn’t time the test correctly.
  •  Your urine was diluted.

If your period hasn’t started within a week after a negative home pregnancy test, repeat the test. Even though home pregnancy tests are reliable for most of the time, it is always important to check with your doctor in case of any doubt.

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