Don’t forget the…! Checklist of hospital bag essentials

A hospital bag is a bag of essentials that you take with you to the hospital when you go into labour and it’s time to deliver your baby. Your bag should contain the necessities you’ll need before and after birth, as well as any items that will make your stay more comfortable.

You never know how long you’ll be stuck at the hospital, whether it’s because you have a long labour or there’s a complication of some kind. The last thing you need is to be sending out your partner out for every little thing, when he should be there with you. So before you head off the deliver, here’s a checklist of hospital bag essentials to pack.

When do I need to pack my hospital bag essentials?

When you enter your 3rd trimester, you should start planning what to pack in the hospital bag. Although the full length of pregnancy is 40 weeks, you are considered to be at “term” when you reach 37 weeks, so make sure your bag is packed by then! You could go into labour at any moment, and best to be prepared then to be scrambling last minute.

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Checklist of hospital bag essentials

There are certain necessities that every woman will need in her hospital bag, but don’t hesitate to customise this checklist according to what you think you need for your hospital stay.

  • Any hospital documents you need related to your pregnancy (i.e. birth plan)
  • Your identity card and any insurance documents
  • Toiletries for the hospital stay: toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, toilet paper (if you’re particular), a box of tissues
  • A CD of music you want played in the delivery room
  • Snacks, juice, sweets that you can have during labour
  • Sanitary pads for post-delivery bleeding
  • Nursing bra for breastfeeding
  • Breast pads (disposables are most convenient)
  • A pillow for more comfort
  • Underwear and night gown for hospital sleepover
  • Stationery for filling out forms and documentation
  • Phone and other electronic devices if you’re an Internet addict
  • Light makeup if you’re concerned about looking good in photos (no judgment here!)
  • An outfit for going home

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What about Dad?

Find out if you partner needs to bring anything with him on the next page…