Don’t forget the…! Checklist of hospital bag essentials

What about Dad?

Your spouse should also pack some hospital bag essentials of his own to take to the hospital. Although he’s not the one giving birth, he can expect to be there for a while too. Births can take as long as 40 hours or more, so he needs to bring items to sustain himself for a long stretch.

Items he should pack include:

  • Snacks like granola bars that he can eat without having to go to the cafeteria
  • A bottle of water that he can refill at the water cooler
  • An iPad or a portable console for entertainment in case he has to wait in a lobby
  • A light jacket because it can get cold in the hospital
  • Toiletries and a change of clothes if he wants to stay overnight with mum and baby
  • A camera to capture your Kodak moments with your newborn

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Have any extra tips on what to pack? Tell other mums what you’re hospital bag essentials are in the comments section below!

hospital bag essentials

Make sure you have all your hospital bag essentials sorted early so you can focus on the task in hand!

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