14 ways I tried to jumpstart labour

A Pregnant.Sg reader shares her amusing story of how she attempted to jumpstart labour, as she approached her due date, with 14 different methods in 14 days

As I started to get closer and closer to my due date with my second little one, I got extremely impatient. Everyone had told me that I would go into labour early (not sure how they knew), and I let them get my hopes up.

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Combine that with all the discomforts that now plagued my life this late in the game, you can imagine that I was absolutely ready to be finished at 38 weeks. Considering there are so many home remedies to jumpstart labour, I decided to try one a day until my due date. Here is my experience of what worked and what definitely didn’t!

Day 2: Nipple stimulation

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Apparently the thought behind stimulating one’s nipples is that it triggers the breast and fools the body into bringing baby out. This home remedy came recommended to me by a nurse with four children, so I thought if anyone knew what they were talking about, it would be her. Unfortunately, it did nothing but stop my cramping from the day before. The two home remedies cancelled each other out, and I was still left with a baby in my belly.

Have you tried any of these methods to jumpstart labour? Tried something else? Tell us your experiences!

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