How to celebrate baby’s full month quietly

If you’re not really into traditions or making a big fuss of things, you might be wondering if you need a huge party for your baby’s full month celebration. Or, if you need a party at all. While it’s your call to make, you might be feeling some pressure from social expectations to celebrate your baby’s full month in some way.

It’s a great milestone to honour for both parents and baby, and you’ll create some lovely memories in the process. So, here are some great ways you can minimise the fuss without missing the entire celebration.

Keeping a low profile

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The fewer people you announce your birth to, the fewer people that will expect a full month celebration. Of course, you’ll probably get fewer gifts of money and presents, but then you’ll also have fewer obligations a full-on party.

This leaves a smaller pool of close relatives, friends and colleagues to think about. Unless your relatives are very casual and non-traditional, they’ll probably expect some kind of customary offerings. You can get away with not giving anything to your friends and colleagues, even if they have given you gifts.

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