How to celebrate baby’s full month quietly

If you’re not really into traditions or making a big fuss of things, you might be wondering if you need a huge party for your baby’s full month celebration. Or, if you need a party at all. While it’s your call to make, you might be feeling some pressure from social expectations to celebrate your baby’s full month in some way.

It’s a great milestone to honour for both parents and baby, and you’ll create some lovely memories in the process. So, here are some great ways you can minimise the fuss without missing the entire celebration.

Less is more

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What if your family insists that you have to host a celebration of some kind? There are two options you can consider. If you want to save costs, you can have a small gathering at home and cater some simple food from an affordable caterer and a cake. If you like, a barbeque at the park will also work just as well. To keep things small, you only need to invite close relatives and friends.

Alternatively, you can host a lunch or dinner at a restaurant or a kopitiam for your baby's full month celebration. While this costs more, you won’t have to do any set up or cleaning up and can just focus on mingling in an intimate setting.

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