How to celebrate baby’s full month quietly

If you’re not really into traditions or making a big fuss of things, you might be wondering if you need a huge party for your baby’s full month celebration. Or, if you need a party at all. While it’s your call to make, you might be feeling some pressure from social expectations to celebrate your baby’s full month in some way.

It’s a great milestone to honour for both parents and baby, and you’ll create some lovely memories in the process. So, here are some great ways you can minimise the fuss without missing the entire celebration.

Skip the party

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If you’re not having a party, you will have to give, at minimum, cakes to your relatives, if not the red eggs and ang ku kueh. These are quite easy to order as most bakeries will offer packages inclusive of all the above. If you limit these to your relatives only, you will keep your costs down.

Friends and colleagues typically don’t expect much, if anything. You don’t have to give them red eggs or ang ku kueh, just cakes. These can be non-traditional— many people give cupcakes, cookies or even chocolate bars for their baby's full month.

A very common option also, is to go voucher-only. Most bakeries offer vouchers in amounts from $6 to $15, that you can buy to distribute. This is a fuss-free solution since you can just give vouchers to everyone, including your relatives. They can then choose the flavours they like and redeem the cakes whenever they want without having to consume them in one or two days.

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