How to be Superdad in caring for baby

Parenthood is a huge responsibility, which is why both mum and dad need to share the burden and the joys of caring for a newborn child. Thankfully, gone are the days when men were expected to stay out of the nursery and the kitchen, and leave the childrearing to womenfolk. Actually, if you talk to the fathers you meet, most of them will tell you that they cherish the memories of caring for the baby. Here are some ways you can be a ‘Superdad’ in caring for baby and help take the tension off mum.

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Why you should be involved in caring for baby

It’s especially important for you to be involved with caring for baby early on as this is the main way for you to bond with your family. Unlike mums who form connections with their babies through pregnancy and childbirth, for many dads, they only fall in love when they hold their infants for the first time. And the more you hold and cuddle your baby, the more you fall in love.

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Caring for your baby also improves your relationship with your partner. Your spouse will love that you are so hands-on as an equal partner in parenting. You are also giving her time to rest and recuperate from the process of labour. Becoming a parent to a child is entering a relationship that will last for the rest of your lives. Active dads find it incredibly rewarding to care for their kids. In contrast, it’s inactive dads who regret not being more involved later on in life.

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Tips on caring for baby

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