Buckle up! Buying your baby car seat

A baby car seat is an essential part of a travel system if you plan to take your baby anywhere by car. Car seats are mandatory in Singapore if you own a car or are carrying your baby in someone’s car. While they can be costly, remember that they are providing vital protection for your baby and are just as important, if not more, as strapping on your own seat belt. You never know what will happen when you set out on the road, and as they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What type of baby car seat do you want?

Depending on your baby’s age and size, you may find yourself using one or more types of car seats. Here are some options you’ll have:

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  • Infant car seat: Also known as bucket seats, these are rear-facing car seats that are most suitable for infants and come in size up to 10 kg or 15 kg. These car seats are portable for carrying in and out of the car and can snap into compatible stroller frames.
  • Forward-facing car seat: Forward-facing car seats are usually used for older babies that are over a year old and at least 10kg. You can buy a car seat that can last your child up to the age of about 4 or 18kg. After that, you will need to use a booster seat until he or she reaches the height of 1.35m.
  • Convertible car seat: A convertible car seat is a solution that can work for a newborn baby all the way from birth into the toddler ages e.g. 30 kg. These seats are bulky but great value for money.

Baby car seat features to look for

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