Buckle up! Buying your baby car seat

Baby car seat features to look for

The most important thing to know is that you should not buy a used car seat from a stranger. The reason is that you have no way to tell if the car seat has ever been in an accident. Some car seats look fine but are actually not safe to use.

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If you’re being given a used car seat by friends or family, look for the expiry date. All car seats are made with expiry dates of six to eight years, and these are usually stamped or printed on a label behind the car seat.

Other than that, these are the feature you should look for in a car seat:

  • Backwards-facing position for babies under one.
  • Protective cushioning and wings in case of side collisions.
  • Look for a five-point harness for better safety.
  • Check that it is easy to install with or without the base
  • Good neck support, especially for newborns
  • Does it have a handle for you to carry it around or hang toys from
  • Does it have a hood to block out the sun?
  • Can it be used with a stroller or stroller frame?

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