How to choose a baby high chair

When you live in an apartment, space is a premium, so you might understandably ask “Do I really need a high chair for my baby?” In Asian culture, babies tend to be spoon-fed all the way into pre-school, so high chairs aren’t needed. But if you want your baby to learn to enjoy food and eating independently, a high chair’s a good idea. We explore the options that you have.

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Why have a high chair?

Having your baby learn to eat in a high chair is good in several ways.

  • It encourages your baby to learn how to feed himself
  • Your baby enjoys meal times more
  • Your baby can sit at the dining table like a grown-up
  • You won’t have to chase after your baby to feed him
  • Your baby can make a mess and it’s still easy to clean up
  • You can teach an older toddler dining manners and etiquette


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Types of high chairs

  • Traditional high chairs. Traditional high chairs have long legs that make the high chair tall enough to reach over a dining table. These do not cost a lot, and basic models sold at Ikea cost as little as $25. However, the disadvantage is that they do take up space. You can get models that fold up, which are better for storage.
  • Rocker high chairs. Brands like Combi make convertible high chairs on wheels that recline for napping, and also double as rocking swings for your baby. They are very comfortable but tend to be pricey.
  • Hook-on high chair.  A great space-saving innovation for apartments is the hook-on high chair. These are chairs that do not have any legs. Instead, they hook or screw firmly onto the side of a table. The tray becomes optional—you can have it or choose to use the table surface.

These high chairs are not suitable, however, if you have a flimsy table that can’t hold the weight of your baby, or if you have a very thick table that the screw won’t fit. It is probably not suitable for fragile surfaces like glass.

  • Booster high chairs. Another type of space-saving high chair is the high chair cum booster seat, that straps onto the back of a dining chair. In the seat, your baby is elevated to the level of the dining table, and the high chair converts into a booster seat when your toddler can eat on his own.

You can also use it on the floor as a baby chair. This kind of high chair is very versatile but note that it requires a chair back for elevated use.

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