Is it really OK to work out during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women wonder how to exercise during pregnancy without endangering their baby. Staying active is recommended by doctors. It can help you have an easier pregnancy, as well as an easier labour. But safely exercising is key, as strenuous activities can be potentially dangerous for your pregnancy.

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How to exercise during pregnancy: key aspects

One of the many issues that pregnant women face is excessive weight gain. The pregnancy hormones and bodily changes create a vicious cycle. Exercise is probably the most efficient way to stay fit while you are expecting. It can also alleviate some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, as well as keep the mum-to-be in a good mood.

Some doctors recommend that you do not start a new exercise routine. But many women stay active by undertaking a new work-out routine. If you plan to start a new exercise routine, try to join a class. Your instructor can advise which exercises are best for you.

How to exercise during pregnancy correctly?

  • Do some flexibility training, such as Yoga or Pilates. It can really help you relax and reduce the stress. There are many prenatal Yoga classes to choose from.
  • Your exercise routine will change as your belly gradually grows. But it is best to continue your routine until labour. It can make the process easier, as well as your postpartum period.
low impact pregnancy workouts

Low impact pregnancy workouts

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  • Exercises during pregnancy can help you shed the baby weight faster. If your body is fit, you can get back into shape in less time. But do take a six week break from any intense work-outs during your postpartum period.
  • You can exercise daily, contrary to popular belief. A 30 minute daily work-out is perfectly safe and beneficial. You can also incorporate a daily walk into your work-out.
  • If you haven’t exercised in a while, but now you’re pregnant and want to stay in good shape, it’s perfectly OK to do a work-out. Start off slowly and only do a routine that you feel comfortable with.
  • Always stay hydrated and consider drinking a nutritious vegetable smoothie after your exercise routine.
  • Stop for the rest of the day if you feel any discomfort or dizziness.

How to exercise during pregnancy: What other women say

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