How to keep a pregnancy journal

Even if you’ve never been passionate about keeping a journal, many women find it rewarding to immortalise their thoughts and feelings on paper when they are expecting. Those quiet moments of introspection are important in this new journey, and expecting mummies find this to be an inspiring time. Recording your thoughts in a pregnancy journal will not only document a deeply personal experience for you, but also heighten your awareness of the growing life inside you. One day when your child is much older, it will make a very special gift, just like a memoir.

Of course, there are no rules and guidelines when it comes to your pregnancy journal but some mummies might need a little bit of inspiration to get started. Some women want to immortalise the experience through photos and scrapbooking, while others opt for old fashioned journals. There are many Singaporean mums who do not mind sharing their experiences with the world and publish their journals online. In short, creative outlets are numerous for mums who want to keep a pregnancy journal.

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Getting started with your pregnancy journal

  • First, you have to choose your media. If you wish to make a gift of it to your child one day, a hardcover book is the best option. You can also choose to make your journal into a scrapbooking project, or an online blog. Next, get into the habit of journaling. To ensure that you document your process accurately, make writing in your journal a ritual. You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing but it’s important that you establish a regular habit of writing. You just have to take a couple of minutes at the same time each day, or at least twice a week.
  • Find a space that you are comfortable and where you can relax.
  • Take your time and don’t rush. Gather your thoughts about what you want to write, and remember that there really is no right or wrong way to do this. You do not have to be eloquent or witty in your writing. It’s about your personal experience.
  • Try not to skip entries once you have decided on your regular journal time. Even if you don’t feel like writing or having a really bad day, write about it anyway. Write about how you do not feel like writing if you have nothing else. Writing truthfully about what you are experiencing makes it authentic.

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What should you write about?

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