How to keep a pregnancy journal

What should you write about?

This is a stumbling block that trips up many mummies who would otherwise like to keep a pregnancy journal. Again, you’re free to write about whatever you feel like, but there are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write the date, your weight, your cravings and one word that sums up your emotions for day on the top of every page.
  • Include a list of topics you will like to cover over the course of your pregnancy on the first page. This will be the landing page for a lot more in-depth writing.
  • Mark the milestones of your pregnancy. Write about every doctor’s appointment, prenatal class and your baby’s first kick.
  • Keep a dream journal. You might have heard from other mothers that dreams are especially vivid when you are pregnant. So are nightmares. By jotting them down, you take the fear out of it.

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  • Write a letter to your baby and tell him how much you love him (or her)
  • While you’re at it, why not use your pregnancy journal as a list of the things you still need to do? You can also list your favourite baby names, the colour you’re deciding to paint the nursery and some children’s stories that you want to tell your baby.
  • Write about your fears and dreams of becoming a parent.

These are but a few ideas to get you started. You are the creator of this story, so get your creative juices flowing. You do not have to keep a journal, but it will provide priceless memories for you to reminisce about once the children are all grown up.

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