How to make a birth plan for your delivery

When a woman becomes pregnant, she will often find herself planning everything for the arrival for her new baby: the nursery, a carseat and stroller, toys and so much more. While all of this is fun and necessary for the most part, there are other things that should be just as thoroughly planned — like the birth plan.

A birth plan is a document that tells your doctor and the hospital staff how you’d like your labour and delivery to progress. It’s strongly encouraged for every expecting mother to have this in order well ahead of estimated due date. You just never know when you’ll go into labour! Here are a few guidelines and tips on how to make a birth plan.

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The basics

You should print out copies of your birth plan for your doctor, send one to the hospital, give one to your birthing coach or husband and bring one with you to the hospital on D-day. The birth plan should be in the hands of anyone that is going to be involved in the birth of your child and will be there with you.

Unfortunately, some doctors in Singapore charge an additional amount (between $150-$350) to review your birth plan, so it’s best to clarify this from the beginning. However, do also note that that there are just as many doctors who will gladly review and follow your birth plan without any additional costs. You just have to do a little bit of research!

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What should you include?

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