How to make a birth plan for your delivery

What should you include?

Below are some questions that are a good guide of what to include in the details of your birth plan:

  1. If labour begins naturally, when would you like to be admitted?
  2. Do you have any drug allergies?
  3. Do you want your pubic hair to be shaved?
  4. What birthing aids would you like? (A birthing pool, birthing stool, birthing ball, aromatherapy, music, heat packs, etc.)
  5. Are you willing to have labour induced?
  6. What is your attitude toward pain relief?
  7. Are you willing to have an emergency C-section if required?
  8. Who do you want in the room with you when you deliver and/or need a C-section?
  9. Do you have any special wishes for the first moments after your baby is born?
  10. Do you want your baby cleaned before he is given to you, or do you want him put into your arms immediately?
  11. Do you want to be left alone with your baby and your partner for a few minutes immediately after the birth?
  12. What are your desires in regard to breastfeeding?

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These are the basic guidelines on how to make a birth plan and what it should include. You can have more or less — it’s up to you!

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