How to travel with twins

1. Consider driving instead of flying

Driving is an easier option than flying for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can pack as much baby gear as will fit in your car. Secondly, it’s less stressful as you can stop to rest whenever you need to feed or soothe the babies, and you won’t have to put up with the glares of fellow passengers.

There are a number of resorts within easy driving distance from Singapore like Johor and Desaru and the new Iskandar Region with brand new waterfront hotels opening soon.

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2. Choose a baby-friendly resort that provides baby gear

Research baby-friendly resorts and make sure that your hotel can provide a lot of what you need to make your babies comfortable before you travel. Things like cribs and a steraliser are not easy to take with you. The Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La in Penang or the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi actually offer rental of baby cots, baby baths, prams and even baby potties. This lets you pack light and takes away some of the stress that travel with twins can bring.

3. Take the Grandparents along 

It is not very romantic, but holidaying with your parents lets you take a break while they spend quality time with the little-ones. Believe us, they will jump at the chance to help out!

If it’s not possible to bring them along then choose a resort that has a reputable and highly-recommended baby-sitting service. Most four or five star resorts offer a nanny service for a price. This could be a useful service if the two of you would like to go for dinner or spend a romantic night out. Be sure to check that they have experience with babies before you book the service.

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Remember, like everything in parenthood, you learn as you go. As you head of on that first holiday experience with your babies, the joy and love when you reach your destination will surely cancel out any stress you have along the way.




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