What will baby look like when you first meet

The big moment is finally here! After months of waiting, your newborn has arrived. Between all the excitement and anticipation of those first moments with baby, you’re probably asking yourself  – what will baby look like when we meet?

Most women are not prepared for what’s to come. If you had this perfect vision of a rosy and robust cherub, you might be in for a disappointment – the appearance of a newborn is anything but picture-perfect.

As a rule of thumb, your baby will look tiny, wrinkled and discoloured. You will spend a lot of time looking at your baby, so you will see that he has a big and oddly shaped head and a distended torso. In short, he will look nothing like the rosy bundle you first imagined. This appearance is natural because your baby would have spent several hours squeezing through the birth canal.

First moments with baby – love at first sight?

Do not stress out if it is not a love-at-first-sight experience. Many mums will hardly admit it, but it might take a few days to really fall in love with your little one. Your hormones need to stabilise and while you wait out the postpartum effects, the appearance of a newborn will also change. Through the eyes of an adoring parent, your baby will look like a perfect angel to you anyway.

First moments with baby – how baby will look

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