How your pregnant body changes [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s truly a miracle the way a woman’s body adjusts and conforms not only to grow a baby inside her womb but also to provide a warm, nurturing environment over a nine-month period. The pregnant body goes through many unique changes at every step — some small and some much more noticeable. Regardless, every single process in the body adjusts to provide for two sets of lungs, hearts, brains and growing bodies. An expecting mother’s pregnant body is almost magical in this sense, and we think it’s one of the most beautiful processes of life when you look at the awe-inspiring science behind it!

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Our friends at Pregnancy Weeks & Graphs shared with us a beautiful infographic that takes you through the way your pregnant body changes and grows to harbor your little one until you meet in person. Check it out below!

How a Woman’s Body Changes During Pregnancy

This infographic was designed by Xpedient Digital Media, an internet media company that operates over 50 websites related to different niches. The content available on their websites is written by professional and experienced team of writers. It maintains a team of designers to craft eye-catching infographics based on the ideas suggested by their research team.

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