Integrate the five elements into your antenatal training

Antenatal training shouldn’t be a new topic for most parents and some of you could be well-equipped with items that aid in antenatal training. Well, besides having the right “tools”, do you know that factors such as timing and direction play an important role too?

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The summer season as an example

Being hot and dry, summer (May-July) is represented by the Fire element. To keep the temperature cool, the Water element comes in handy. During summer, I would suggest that pregnant women should “input” more Water into their daily lives. Activities such as swimming and spa treatments can be considered.

If you are planning for a story-telling session with your unborn baby, it is best to do it during the Water hours (i.e. 9 – 11pm) in the North sector of your bedroom. While you share interesting stories with your little one, playing music (that is classified under the Water element) would be an enhancement!

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How to integrate the Five Elements into your antenatal training?

As illustrated by the above example, there are basically two things to take note of: time and sector. It is advisable to conduct antenatal training during the favourable hours in that particular month, and would be more effective if it can be carried out in the recommended sector.

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For ease of reading, the information has been tabulated for the various months:

Five elements and antenatal training

*Music composed in accordance with the characteristics of the Five Elements.

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