Is baby getting enough breastmilk?

One of the many things new mums gripe about is having to play the guessing game when it comes to breastfeeding. Is baby getting enough breastmilk? I’ve fed him! Why is he still crying uncontrollably? Why isn’t he putting on weight? Pause those thoughts in their tracks — we’re here to sort out those questions so you’ll know how to tell if baby’s getting enough milk.

Is baby getting enough breastmilk?

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These 6 signs don't need guessing work for you to know your little one has had enough milk:

  • Your breasts feel softer after nursing
  • Your little one wets about 6 to 8 diapers a day. If he is getting enough milk, his urine should also be clear.
  • Baby should pass out deep yellow, mustard-coloured stools anywhere between two to four times a day. These stools will be soft and resemble liquid.
  • Your baby seems content after being breastfed.
  • Lethargy dissipates several days after birth, and your little bundle becomes more alert as the days go by.
  • And the most obvious sign - he's gaining weight!

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