I need to pee! Is it normal to need to ‘go’ all the time when pregnant?

Having a baby on the way is such a joyful moment for you, but at times you can feel uneasy during your pregnancy. You may experience a lot of changes in your body. Then comes nausea or morning sickness. It’s normal to feel some discomfort over certain foods, but you might be having other unusual experiences too.

Just like having the urge to urinate all the time when pregnant.

You can’t help but wonder – is this normal?

The frequent urge

The need to pee is one of the early signs of pregnancy that occurs around 5 to 6 weeks of your first trimester. Although some women may not be aware of it or might not experience it, the majority do. The main reason of this frequent urge to urinate all the time when pregnant is because of hormonal changes. More blood flow circulates in your kidneys, filling your bladder easily. And since your baby is developing inside your womb, it requires your body to produce more blood and so the liquids in your body process rapidly, resulting in your need to urinate more.

How long will this last?

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