Would you use this doll to explain pregnancy to your child?

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If you’re expecting a second baby, you might be wondering how to explain your pregnancy to your child. When you inform your child that he or she will be having a new sibling, do you say that the baby will be delivered by the stork or do you tell them all the facts? When is a child old enough to understand? What about using a pregnancy doll?

The pregnancy doll

Many parents explain pregnancy by telling their young children that their brother or sister is growing in Mummy’s belly. In fact, in the 90s, there was even a doll sold for kids called “Judith the Mommy-To-Be” to help children “understand the mystery of new life, while maintaining the magic.”

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This doll came with a detachable pregnant baby and a baby doll inside. When the baby is removed, the stomach is replaced and becomes flat again. While this was probably a fun doll for kids, does it actually explain pregnancy correctly to children?

Some people find the pregnancy doll creepy, while others say it conveys the wrong things like there being a cavity in the Mummy’s belly or that all babies are born with a caesarean-style birth. In any case, this doll is no longer sold any more in stores, so you won’t be able to find one for your child unless you search in the vintage stores.

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