Would you use this doll to explain pregnancy to your child?

What the experts say

While the idea of explaining pregnancy to a young child may sound intimidating, experts say that you shouldn’t worry too much about it. When a child asks where a baby is and how the baby got in there, they are not asking for an explanation of the birds and bees.

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Young children are often not concerned about technical details. You could simply explain pregnancy by saying Dad and Mum created an egg together that is growing in the uterus and that when the baby is fully grown, Mum will push the baby out between the legs.

You can explain pregnancy in simplified facts, and it will probably save you more trouble than if you told your child a made up story like your baby came from a store or grew from something you ate. Those types of stories can create even more questions, while you may find that kids might just accept the truth and move on to other things. You will probably find that your child is more interested in other things like where your food goes and whether it’s a boy or a girl.

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There are also educational books written for children that show how foetuses develop in the womb. This can be fascinating for children as they can follow the growth of the baby. Also consider taking your child along to the Ultrasound sessions if he or she is old enough as this can make the baby more real and help to explain pregnancy.

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