Keep pushing! 4 useful tips for giving birth

You’re almost at the finish line. You’ve gotten through all the months of morning sickness, body swelling and pregnancy hormones; giving birth is just one more step. Understandably, childbirth is usually the scariest part of pregnancy, but you can do it! Women have been doing it since the beginning of time, and with today’s advanced healthcare and your support team behind you, we know you’ll do just fine. To help you prepare for the final lap, here are a few useful tips for giving birth.

Getting in position

After your water has broken and the contractions have dilated your cervix to 10 cm, you will get into a pushing position of your choice and follow the instructions of your midwife or doctor. Some women experience quick deliveries, but it’s all dependent on your pregnancy.

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If your baby is breached or in a compromising position, you may have a more difficult time pushing or may even have to go in for a C-section. Just remember to listen to your doctor and remain calm. Incidences like these really require you, the mum, to stay composed for yours andy your baby’s health.

Pushing the baby out

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