Keep pushing! 4 useful tips for giving birth

Pushing the baby out

Once you’ve dilated to 10 cm, you’ll be asked to begin pushing in regular intervals, usually three times or more, with your contractions. You may get tired and need rest for one contraction, but that’s okay. Don’t feel like you’re failing if you need to rest — this is a hard task! Remember these tips for giving birth:

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4 useful tips for giving birth

  1. Maintain control and put all of your effort into each push. Try not to strain your face or push with upper body during the process. Focus your pushing where it needs to be, so you don’t tire yourself out quickly.
  2. Imagine that you are having a bowel movement in your body. Put all of your concentration and focus on pushing. Don’t worry if you urinate or actually have a bowel movement — it happens to many mums! The people in the delivery room are all professionals and won’t even blink an eye, so don’t be embarrassed.
  3. Put your chin area to your chest when pushing to relieve back stress. This will make you little comfortable and help you to focus on each push. It will also help you to look down below your navel area that will help you to know where your pushes should originate from.
  4. Always do what comes naturally and makes you more comfortable. While giving birth, the nurse or midwife may ask you to hold your breath and push while they count to 10. Pushing for only five seconds per push is okay, too. Follow the rhythm of your body and tell them if you feel the urge to push. You know what you’re feeling the best, but they are there to help you!

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You’ll soon feel your baby’s head and body come through, and you will be amazed to see that moment. You will probably be able to hold your newborn and hear him make his first cry. You and your spouse will get the chance to cut the cord and share your first kiss as a family!

tips for giving birth

Follow these four tried and tested tips during labour for a smoother ride

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