Pelvic floor workout! How to do kegel exercises during pregnancy

Benefits of kegel exercises during pregnancy

There are so many benefits to doing kegel exercises. The main one is that it prevents and/or lessens the effects of urinary incontinence. Many women experience leaks when they sneeze or cough during or after pregnancy. The kegel exercises will help with that.

There is also some research that suggests kegel exercises help a woman achieve more, and stronger, orgasms. It is thought that women who have difficulty experiencing orgasms often have weak pelvic floor muscles.

Another benefit of kegel exercises is that they help to prevent uterine prolapse. Uterine prolapse is basically where the uterus is no longer supported by the pelvic muscles and starts to slide down instead of being held in place.

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Lastly, many women swear by kegel exercises for helping to make labour and recovery much easier. Finding less chance of experiencing tears and the need for an episiotomy, when the exercise is done often.

kegel exercises during pregnancy

How often to do kegel exercises during pregnancy

It is best to start slowly and build up the strength in the muscles. For best results, try to work up to doing three sets of kegel exercises a day. Morning, noon and night!

If you are overweight or carrying multiples, doing more kegel exercises will help because you have extra weight bearing down on the pelvic floor.

So, there you go! No excuse ladies, it’s time to work out those kegels!

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