Guide to labour positions: the good and the bad

If you watch any movie about giving birth, you may think you’re gong to spend most of your time in the delivery room flat on your back with your knees up! The reality is that this is not the best option. According to recent research, labour positions are actually vitally important to a successful delivery. Get it wrong and you could hinder your birthing experience.

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The labour positions you choose should be the most comfortable for you but they can also lead to a faster and easier birth. Here are the labour positions that will aid the second stage of labour (the delivery part) and also which positions are best avoided.

Squatting position

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This is one of the more natural labour positions you can assume. You basically squat and your bottom is near the floor. Some hospitals provide you with squatting bars for support, but you can also be supported by your birth partner.

Advantages of the squatting position

  • It can make delivery faster as the gravity pull aids the baby come out.
  • It may be recommended if your baby is larger, as this position enlarges the birth canal.
  • You can experience less pain during labour if you squat.

Disadvantages of the squatting position

  • Compared to other labour positions, it can rush delivery, you may tear more and experience some pain when the baby comes out.
  • It may be hard to squat for long periods of time. It is best to practice daily a few months before labour, if you plan to use this position. In addition, you can be provided with a birthing stool that will offer better support.

The best labour positions are those that allow you to progress comfortably. You can assume one or more positions during active labour. It depends on how you feel and what you feel is best during that moment. Your doctor and midwife will be able to recommend positions which will help too.

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