Should we breastfeed on a bus?

Breastfeeding in public has caused a lot of debate recently. Despite being one of the most natural instincts between a mother and her baby, there are several news report about women not being allowed to breastfeed in public.

Some argue that the woman is exposed, which is not appropriate in public. Others, that breastfeeding should be permitted everywhere, not just in special designated areas.

Now, there is talk of installing lactation areas on public transport, so, should mothers be able to privately breastfeed on a bus and in other public spaces?

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Lactation area made available on Chinese city buses

The Chinese city of Zhengzhou has made a lactation area available on buses. The idea to allow woman a private area to breastfeed on a bus was put forward by one of the city’s bus drivers.  It is a semi-private space, separated from the other seats by two curtains.

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