Can the HPV vaccine cause infertility?

It’s been some years now that producers of the HPV vaccine have been promoting it. They say it is the best way to prevent cervical cancer. However, the risks of the vaccine seem to be higher than the benefits.

Recent concerns about HPV vaccine and infertility have risen. A 16-year-old Australian girl entered early menopause after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. As her menstruation completely ceased, the girl asked for medical advice. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and she will not be able to conceive. There were no other medical reasons or family history, so the only link was to the HPV vaccination.

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How are the HPV vaccine and infertility linked?

The HPV vaccine contains Polysorbate 80, a surfactant whose effects have been studied on mice. It is a toxin that can cause infertility by damaging the reproductive system. The mice had no corpus luteum, necessary for progesterone production and for sustaining the foetus.

The HPV vaccine also contains L-histadine, a compound that has been linked to blood clotting. There is more than one account of deaths after the HPV vaccine. All can be linked to excessive blood clotting. It is also another reason for infertility, as there is a higher risk of complications for the foetus.

However, what is currently known about the HPV vaccine and infertility cases is very little. There is no explanation as to why the 16 years old girl’s ovarian reserve was basically destroyed. Most likely, there are other components of the vaccine that could affect a woman’s reproductive organs. So the link between the HPV vaccine and infertility is a complex one. And surely something parents have to be fully aware of.

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HPV vaccine and infertility: Japan withdraws its support

The Japanese government has retracted its support of the HPV vaccine. They are currently investigating around 2000 cases of adverse reactions to the vaccine. Cases of infertility are starting to emerge, as well as other life altering side effects. Paralysis, stroke and even death are among the reported cases linked to the HPV vaccine. India also stopped HPV vaccine trials in 2010, after the death of six girls.

It is most concerning as the target of the HPV vaccine are young girls who may later find out their fertility is affected. Other possible side-effects are life-threatening. Also, it could have negative effects on male fertility, as some young boys are also receiving the vaccine.

With all the reported cases linking HPV vaccine and infertility, many are still getting vaccinated. It is now up to each government to take action and inform people about the possible dangers of such vaccinations.

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