6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know


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Congratulations to you on your new baby. We know your attention and care is completely directed to your baby, but mums, this is a crucial time for you too! You need to take care of your health and nutrition as well - so that you can have adequate supply of breastmilk and help your body heal and recuperate faster.

Traditional confinement foods are meant to serve this exact purpose - and they can help aid weight loss too.

New mums doing confinement can benefit from Huiji Waist Tonic, which is a trusted health supplement made in Singapore with no alcohol content and no added sugar. The tonic is made of six premium natural herbs: cordyceps, ginseng, du zhong, dang gui, shouwu and da zao, of which are deemed as extremely beneficial during the confinement period.

It can help overcome fatigue, nourish vital energy and promote blood circulation during confinement. Here are 6 low-calorie confinement recipes that can be prepared easily using Huiji Waist Tonic, to get your the right nutrients in the most healthy way.