6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know

Fish and papaya soup

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Why have this?

It promotes milk production.


700g green papaya (unripe or semi-ripe)

300g fish (Snakehead, Carp, Seabream, Pomfret or Ikan Kurau fillet)

200g fish bones

12 pcs red dates

2 pcs Dang Shen

5g Yuzhu

5 slices ginger

2 cups (Huiji® measuring cup) Huiji® Waist Tonic


Put fish bones, ginger, Dang Shen, red dates, Yuzhu in water and boil for half an hour.

Add papaya to the pot and when papaya softens, add fish and simmer till fish is cooked.

Add in Huiji® Waist Tonic.

Serve immediately while hot.

Note: It is ideal for breastfeeding mums to drink as much hot soup as possible as this aids in milk production and encourages milk letdown.


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